Free AntiVirus software

If you’re not using Anti-Virus Software on your computer in 2020 on your computer or tablet device and your connected to the internet then you are asking for trouble. The number of viruses and malware that are out there now has increased massively according to a 2019 report from Malwarebytes (read)

Now more than ever you need to protect your computer with the latest antivirus software, and it need not cost you a fortune to do so. There are still many free options available such as AVG, Avast and others.

With good Antivirus software you are not just protecting yourself from criminal groups and individuals that would like to steal your information but also foreign governments that seek to harvest information to be used to build a profile in individuals to be used to infiltrate.

Whether you are running Windows, Linux, MacOS or another derivative you owe it to yourself to be protected.

What are the options, below are some of the best free antivirus software that can be installed straight away on your devices.

Free AntiVirus software


Download AVG Anti-virus  
AVG Antivirus
Download Avast Anti-Virus  
Avast Antivirus
Download BitDefender  
BitDefender Antivirus