Best free antivirus software

Are you having trouble finding the best free antivirus software? Well we have done the hard work for you and after much searching and testing, we have found 2 of the best free antivirus software downloads.


In position number one:

AVG Antivirus free 8.5 for Windows & Linux

Ok, a little known fact is that this software has been around since 1991 and has gained its place on many home computers in the last decade; this is rapidly growing everyday. This sturdy looking and functioning software has a sleek interface that is easy to use, it will on occasion within the user interface display an ad promoting it's commercial security version which is fair, given the work put into this fantastic software. In a nutshell it's a no nonsense software, that does its job, you really feel safe when checking emails or surfing the web.

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Second place:

Avast Home Edition 4.8 for Windows & Linux

Avast by ALWIL, funny enough also founded in 1991 provides a powerful Antivirus software that has the advantage of a free Linux version. This software is a great choice for home users with older computers as well, the software would be rare in the fact that it still runs on Windows 95 & 98 computers! The interface looks a lot like a popular media player, and by default plays sounds when buttons are clicked in the interface. The software requires free registration to activate the software.

A great choice all round, making it one of the Best free antivirus software packages on the net.

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Whether you choose the free version of AVG Antivirus or the Avast Home Edition, the main thing to remember is we live in an age where personal data can easily be compromised, and computer downtime costs money, the Internet has become a life line for communication that must be protected.